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Lake Elmore, Vermont DOMINIC KOVAL
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The Ambassadrix, Royal Princess Tey of the Bitmoss, sits in her garden.

She affixes her sign to the third treaty of the sixth continuum, for which her people have labored for millennia. Her blue Hah-Noon, giving her emotional support as always, attends her especially closely.

(The Hah-Noon are a species which originally occupied the home world of the Bitmoss. The symbiotic relationship which developed has inextricably wound their evolution together. Among the Hah-Noon, the color of the individual denotes its tribal affiliation and is a designation of its capacity, such as emotional stabilization or intellectual enhancement. It is not known what the Bitmoss bring to the Hah-Noon, as neither party will speak of it.)

Pencil drawing on 5-ply Bristol Board | 20" x 16" | $750