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Lake Elmore, Vermont DOMINIC KOVAL
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Dominic has been painting, drawing and sculpting for as long as he can remember. Brought up on farms in Massachusetts and in the Champlain Valley of   Vermont, he spent much time as a child alone with the land and its creatures, and became closely attuned to the harmonies between inner and outer nature, the resonance and rhythms of light, color and mental state. His lively imagination and affinity with nonhuman life forms have expressed themselves in stories, poetry, sculpture and graphic work as well as in painting.

In Milton, Massachusetts, Dominic established an etching studio and helped launch the Boston Bronze Foundry. He worked in monotype, woodcut and pastel as well as in oil and acrylic, and exhibited regularly at The Nasrudin Gallery in Boston, The Voyagers Gallery and the Paul Schuster Gallery in Cambridge before settling in Vermont  again in 1985.   

Recurrent themes already included gardens and gardeners, blind men with flowers, the alliances between humans and wild creatures, and an on-going dialogue with trees and light.

 “The teacher of the toe is the stone that stubs it,” comments Dominic when asked about his education.  “I have had many teachers--some animate, some inanimate, some famous, others forgotten or never known.  My development as an artist has been a continuous process of honing my skills to express my intuitions more clearly.”

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