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Lake Elmore, Vermont DOMINIC KOVAL
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The Mating Dragons of Draylon 4

Carved basswood relief |  27.5" x 62" x 1.5" |  $4400

These are the dragons of Draylon 4 in the constellation of Boötes. They live in sequoia sized Poovis trees.The trees secrete a sap every thousand years, which in turn stimulates the dragons into a mating cycle. It is thought that the sap increases the longevity of the dragons, as they appear to live for many thousands of years.

The Poovis trees and the dragons are the only observed inhabitants of what is a very earthlike planet. Little else is known of the planet’s ecology, as it has only recently come to light as a result of the millennial migration of the Hive of Trksivaal passing through the system on its return home from galactic central. The Trksivaal collect information indiscriminately, but it is difficult to retrieve because of their lack of interest in actual communication with other species.