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Waterfalls, Lightfalls I

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...contemplating Creation’s Mind ... The 5th Cataract ...playpen beyond space and time Bright summer morning... Out of the dark... Small Gathering Out of the Morning Heights Great Falls at the 600th Cataract The 85th Cataract by Moonlight
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“Waterfalls, cascades, cataracts… Names for the energy produced by nature.  Sometimes a cascade of molten lava.  Sometimes a wraith of water.  Sometimes wind riven sand.  Sometimes - what you can’t imagine... in the Horse Head Nebula, the Gobi Desert, the mind. What you hope for vanishes in the mist of time and imagined space.  In the place of knowledge, hope, that ignorant space filled with the imagination, the tinkling of camels’ bells of the caravan of dreams which is our life.”

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