Gallery at the Well of Stars

© Dominic Koval, The Well of Stars, Lake Elmore, Vermont.  All rights reserved.

Lake Elmore, Vermont DOMINIC KOVAL
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Tales from the Listening Tree

Concurrently with his work as a visual artist, Dominic has written many short stories and poems.  He recently assembled a group of them, composed between the mid-1970s and the present, into a Story Blog which he published gradually online under the title Tales from the Listening Tree. They are related but discontinuous tales  of seeking and discovery, and form a whole which emerges gradually as they are experienced. They may be accessed by clicking on the link above.

A sound as Pure as the Scent of Roses:
Mortal Playing, Immortal Listening  

carved poplar with walnut stain  | 74" x 34"  x 1 3/4"